Dee Future 未来学院


Inprove the munual ability, the foundation of mathmatics, physics and chemistry, and the frustration resistance.

Lego: learn the building knowledge through using Lego blocks

Wedo2.0:master complex structures such as sensing

EV3: use lever, gear and other mechanical principles to build daily appliances

Robotic Programming

Improve working efficiency , logical thinking and concentration

Dash:operate a robot through blocky programming

Tynker/Scratch:blocky programming with complex instructions

Python:more difficult programming language

3D Design

Improve multi-angle thinking, master the sense of three-dimensional space and design ability

3D THINKING:understand the three-dimensional graphics, draw the composition with 3D pens, and master the process of turning from 2D to 3D

Tinker Cad:use  3D design software to understand three-dimensional graphics and print the products through 3D printing

Autodesk:learn how to switch from 2D to 3D shapes for more complex designs

Mini MBA

Through the combination of the curriculum system of three courses, children are trained to solve problems with science and technology. Cooperate with enterprises in order to let children solve the problems in reality.

Mini MBA focuses on the output of skills, learning through practice, and developing children's problem-solving abilities.

Let children learn three kinds of  skills and meanwhile improve their communicative and cooperative abilities.

In addition,  cultivate the thinking ability of overall planning.